About Us

About Us

Cosmedix Therapeutics ® is the leading group of companies that deals with manufacturing , marketing and export of Cosmetics, Surgical , Dental, Gynea, Beauty Instruments, and Import and marketing of Soft gel, Natural and herbal products and many other products.

The Company is dedicated to market only quality based products. 

The Company’s products have earned wide acceptance by both in Pakistan and Other countries of the world due to their effectiveness and high quality and elegance.

New product developments, internal growth, acquisitions and strategic collaborations have driven the success and expansion of the Company.

Our Manufacturing:

Cosmetic Products, Surgical, beauty, Gynae and Dental instruments,

Food supplements for weight loss, Consumer products

Our Export:

Cosmetics, Surgical, Gynae, dental instruments and beauty products

Weight loss products



Our Major Imports:

Cosmetic Raw material, Natural active ingredients , Herbal products, Soft Gel capsules, Garments, cosmetic Machinery, Lasers, Cosmetic Packages etc

Our Philosophy:

True Innovation:

We are committed to offer you always truly innovative product ideas.

Quality Philosophy


The Cosmedix Therapeutics is committed to provide you always truly innovative products and also the highest and purest quality available. The company prides itself on using only scientifically proven ingredients and creating products that are compatible for different skin types and needs. The product quality is a minimum requirement that should be assured to the customer.

Our extraordinary quality, proven and certified at international level.

We are CE, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008certified Company.

High Safety:

We are committed to providing you only products, which meet the highest industry quality standard. These products were tested clinically and proved very safe.


We are also committed to provide high quality products within reach of people.

Comprehensive Product Information:

We are committed to providing you all information on our products allowing you to utilize the products in the best and most effective way.


Reliable Support:

We are committed to providing you fast and competent email and online support for all your questions regarding our products


.Our Registration and Affiliation:

Our Company is

  • Member of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Industries Pakistan
  • registered with Registrar of companies Islamabad
  • Registered in  WEBOK system in Pakistan customs for import and Export
  • Registered with General sales Tax (GST) in FBR
  • Enlistment as manufacturer in ministry of health ,Pakistan (DRAP)
  • Enlistment as Importer in ministry of health, Pakistan (DRAP)
  • Gold Supplier at Alibaba.com


We are Quality conscious company.

Our company is

  • CE certified
  • ISO 13485:2003 certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified


  • Manufacturer of cosmetics , Medicated cosmetics and Natural/herbal cosmetics
  • Manufacturer of Surgical , Dental, & Beauty instruments
  • OEM facility, we make your brand
  • Loose products, without packing like whitening cream, shampoo, face wash, cleansers, scrub, Anti Aging cream, breast cream etc( only for Pakistan market)
  • Soft gel capsules, Natural products
  • Herbal /Natural Raw Material
  • Cosmetic Raw Material
  • Packaging